Monthly Archives: September 2010 – our first site launches next week

In my previous post I talked about a new company that I have co-founded with Neil Thackray called Briefing Media Ltd.

We aim to take a different approach to the business media industry.

An approach that combines many of the disciplines of traditional niche media publications with the latest semantic technology to aid the discovery of the very best third party content.

Marrying old and new media if you like.

The team are currently developing dedicated sites for six industry verticals, but our first covers the media industry itself and is due to launch next week.

It will be called TheMediaBriefing and if you work in any aspect of the media industry – B2B, Consumer Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, Digital Media, Mobile, Agencies, TV & Film or Finance – then please come and take a look.

Patrick Smith, our editor and lead media analyst, is currently refining the content and taxonomy for the site. He is also gathering up a faculty of experts from  the industry who will be providing exclusive interviews, video commentary and regular columns about what’s really going on in their businesses.

If you’ve got something to say about the strategic aspects of running a media business in today’s digital world we’d love to hear from you. Please e-mail:

Our site is not live yet but if you would like to register to see it first please leave your e-mail address in the box on the homepage and we’ll be in touch.

Much as I hate the concept, we will be launching in beta so if you spot a glitch or miss-classification please do let us know.

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The Michaelmas Itch – and a new beginning in business media

I took my kids back for their first day of school today. They were kitted out in new uniform and it felt like a new start to the year – but it’s not. It’s September. So why that feeling?

Then I remembered a phrase I had heard in the mid-1990’s in my first management job in B2B media.

I was working for a company called Metal Bulletin in the armpit of Surrey (apologies to Worcester Park residents). I had just been promoted to Head of Direct Marketing & had built a good team around me. The company was growing fast and we were doing well. I was young, extremely cocky and thought I was not only the world’s greatest marketer but also a ‘natural’ at this management game.

Then, during the space of about 3 weeks, half my team resigned. And it was not only my team, a lot of good people from other parts of the company all seemed to leave as well.

In a slight panic I went to our Chief Executive, Tom Hempenstall, and said that something must be wrong. We needed to up our pay scales and do something drastic to stem this loss of key people. I remember Tom smiling at me and reassuring me that the sky was not falling in “It’s just the Michaelmas Itch” he said “it always happens at this time of year because people have been brought up with the new academic year signifying change”.

So now, as the Michaelmas (Autumn) term begins I am pleased to announce some new plans myself.

In the coming weeks I will be launching a new business media company – Briefing Media Ltd.

My co-founder is Neil Thackray who was previously CEO at both Quantum and Nexus Business Media. Over the past few months Neil and I have been discussing the opportunities to launch a series of niche B2B sites without the legacy issues that many traditional publishers face. Neil has already written a post on his blog explaining a little more about what we are trying to do, but in summary we are looking to combine some very clever semantic technology with traditional niche publishing disciplines to create a series of websites. I’m delighted that Patrick Smith has also recently joined us as our first Editor.

The initial site aims to launch towards the end of September and I will post further information on this blog as we gradually open up the curtains on what we are doing.

It’s exciting, hard work and fun. Like starting a new academic year at school. Just without the hurty shoes.


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