Developing mobile apps, monetising social media, models for paid content, e-readers… and more



If you work in specialist consumer or business media markets I am sure you have a list of new ideas that you think might present good opportunities for the development of your business.

I’d be happy to wager that at least one of the following topics was on that list:

  • How can I build up a community around my brands and where’s the payback for my time?
  • What extra information should I be collecting from my readers – and what should I then do with that data?
  • Can I develop mobile applications for some of my products?
  • What part of my marketing process can I automate – including setting up a series of trigger e-mails?
  • If e-Readers gain mainstream acceptance does this open up a new distribution channel for my content?
  • As I develop new content offerings what is the best model to pursue in a digital world – free, freemium or paid?
Paid digital content

Paid digital content

The problem is that a lot of these areas work around technological change and the business models are just evolving.

But if you have one day free on November 19th and can get to London then I have a solution.

The Specialist Information Publishers Association’s next Online Publishing and Marketing Summit takes a different format to most media events. Alongside some great formal presentations there is a twin track programme of roundtable discussions led by media industry leaders.

The programme features speakers from both the UK & the US including representatives from: Incisive Media, Electric Word, Euromoney, Ink on Dead Trees, eConsultancy, Brando Social, Silverpop, Canonbury Publishing, Harvard Health, Emap Inform, Melcrum Publishing, Qube Media and Informa Pharma. The day will be hosted by my ex-coleague and all round good egg, Louise White.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps

If you’re a SIPA member you can register at a discount rate of £270 if you do so before the end of October. It’s £350 for non-members (but ask about how to join and benefit from the member rates).

Numbers will be limited to ensure that the roundtable sessions are manageable.

Full programme details can be found here. I hope you’ll be able to join us.

If you have any queries drop me a note in the comments section below (I am a SIPA board member) or contact Karen Hindle



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3 responses to “Developing mobile apps, monetising social media, models for paid content, e-readers… and more

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  2. The best thing about SIPA is that it’s very practical. So it’s no theory, no navel gazing, no bull, just case studies with hard facts followed by round tables –not a static listen to presentations event –a get involved, ask questions, share war stories and ideas one.

    This event will be eye opening and motivating for all marketers (and we are all marketers now – that includes editorial and publishing teams) who want to hear real life stories of how people have made proper money online.

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